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    • 07 Mar 13

    Things to do in the Pacific coast

    There are a lot of activities you can do in the pacific area. There are multiple activities organized by the hotel in corporation with local distributors. For more information on all of our tours see the “Activity” page. www.villasriomar.com/activities

    The Pacific coast is very famous amongst surfers. The beach of Dominical -which is the south pacific area- is famous for its surfing. This reputation didn’t affect the size and vibe of this cozy, little town. You can fulfill every basic need. Supermarkets, restaurants, a bank, a Spanish school and of course a lot of board rentals.

    <p">2 Busses per day leave from San José to Dominical. It is about a 4,5 hour drive. It is a very beautiful route through hills. You will also have the option to rent a car through our Activity Center.

    There is also the option of bird watching. There are 875 different kinds of birds in Costa Rica. There is a bird list present at the reception where you can find the different kinds of birds that people already saw during that tour. You can also add your own bird kinds in that same booklet.

    Of course there are many more activities you can do. So come and visit our hotel and we will tell you all about them!

    See you soon?! Sophie den Breejen