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    • 03 Jun 13

    The Most Popular Beach of the Central Pacific of Costa Rica

    The beaches of the Central Pacific of Costa Rica are famous for their tourism development and attractions. The beaches of the South Pacific are more visit than the beaches of the South Pacific.

    The main cities of the South Pacific are Quepos, Jaco and Parrita. Quepos is only a 35 minute drive from Villas Rio Mar where we also have organized tours to National Park Manuel Antonio.

    Playa Herradura

    This bay is surrounded by natural vegetation and little hills. Playa Herradura has a small marine called Los Sueños, it is a house to many birds and other creatures. This beach is recommended for water sports but also for swimming.

    Playa Hermosa

    playa centralThis is a very famous surf beach. The waves are very strong and sometimes even 13 feet long! In fact internationals surf tournaments take place in this beach. This is about a 10 km beach and recommended for surfing, not for swimming because of the strong streams.

    Playa Jaco

    A 4 km long beach. Jaco is also famous for its surfing. It is a beautifull grey sand beach where you can also play a lot of beach games. Jaco is also very developed and is a typical tourist destination.

    Playa Esterillos

    Esterillos means: …. It comes from the amount of estuaries the beach has. It is one of the longest beaches, the beach is 6800 meter. The east side it is highly recommended for surfing and the other side you can swim safer. This a grey sand beach perfect for horsebackriding when the tide is low and hiking

    Playa Palma

    Playa La Bandera or Palma has special waves where you can surf, and if you want to swim be careful. In this beach you will find the mouth of the Parrita River which it is very visit for fishing.

    playa central 3Playa Palo Seco

    This beach is mainly for swimming, it has a estuary where it is possible to go fishing, boat trip. The Island of Palo Seco is special for marine bird watching.

    Playa Boca Vieja

    This is a very popular beach because it is located very close to the city of Quepos. It has the mouth of Paquita and Boca Vieja rivers where it is possible to have boat trips. You can swim, water activities, get a teint, have a nice romantic stroll over the beach.

    Punta Quepos

    This is a nice but rocky beach with nice clear sand beaches but also bits of forest. From the balconies you can see the relax and blue ocean.

    Playa Manuel Antoniocosta-rica-vacations

    Manuel Antonio has 3 nice white sand beaches. Not only surrounded by beatifull forest but there are also 12 small islands.

    -Playa Espadilla Sur - is a surfers beach but it is also okay for swimmers. There is a 800 meter bay. Espadilla Norte is famous because its kayak, surf and water motorcycles tours. Gray sand beach with soft waves and very rich in your biodiversity, it is makes this beach very good option for scuba diving or ecology tourism. This beach is a part of the Manuel Antonio National Park.

    -Puerto Escondido - This is a relative small but private beach. It is only 80 meters.

    -Manuel Antonio - This one of the most secure beach for swim, very soft waves. A lot of watersports, swimming and teinting. Close to the rocks is a beautiful diving area to see the marine life. This area also offers trails where you can see the tropical forest.