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    • 27 Dec 13

    The Main Tourist Places of South Pacific of Costa Rica.

     The South Pacific of Costa Rica is considered one of the most untouched areas. Its territory extends from Playa Dominical to Panama border and from the Talamanca mountain range to the Pacific Ocean. Both the terrestrial and aquatic areas offer a great variety of animals and plants species. This zone of the country has important national parks, beautiful beaches, and a variety of adventure activities to enjoy with family or with friends.

    National Parks:

    -Corcovado National Park
    - This national park is home of 2% of the planet's biodiversity and 65% of biodiversity of Costa Rica, for this reason it was called by the National Geographic as the "most intense park"  in scientific terms. Besides it has considered as the third best national park in the world. Corcovado is home to a lot of animals like: Scarlet Macaw , Kettle Crest , White Hawk , 4 species of monkeys , snakes , sloths, and coatis . Its goal is to protect endangered species such as: jaguar, puma, tapir, poison dart frog, the harpy eagle, and monkeys.

    -Piedras Blancas National Park - This National Park is also located in the Osa Peninsula, It is situated northeast of Golfito town. Piedras Blanca National Park is one of the wettest and rainiest regions in the country. It is considered an important park for bird watching, as well you will find many reptiles, plants and mammals.

    - Chirripo National Park: It is the where the country's highest peak is. It has 3.820 meters above sea level. The Chirripo National Park landscape is diverse and includes plains, oak forests, swamps, cloud forests, lakes, and peaks. Its access is available through Perez Zeledon town, it possible to walk in one day, but you must stay at least one night in the hostel or better to stay two nights, and visit the various attractions. It include: The Crestones hill, Dikevi lake, snowdrifts, and Sabana de los Leones valley.
    Moreover the Costa Rican Pacific protects high percent of biodiversity in natural refuge. There are three important Wildlife refuge in South Pacific:

    Caño Island Wildlife Refuge: The best attraction of the island is under the waters of the Pacific Ocean. It is considered one of the best diving spots with beautiful corals. In addition Caño Island has archaeological value, this island was a cemetery for our ancestors, and there are Pre-Columbian spheres. Visit this island is possible during whole year. Summer season is recommended for diving and snorkeling. And during raining season (September and October) it is perfect for whale and dolphin watching tours.

    Golfo Dulce Wildlife Refuge: It is located in one of the wettest and rainiest parts of the country. This refuge was created to protect the water resource of Golfito town. Its forest has tall trees for example: silk cotton, walnut, and the manú copal trees. Also within the trails you can see different species of birds like toucans and tanagers. Hopefully you’ll also find monkeys, anteaters and others.

    Hacienda Baru Wildlife Refuge: It protects 324 acres of rain forest, secondary forest, and 3 miles of beach. In Hacienda Baru you will find a small lodge that offers diversity in ecological tour some examples are: Canopy, mangrove walk tour, hiking trails and much more. This property is only 5 min driving from Dominical beach.

    Other Places of Interest in the South Pacific: 

    - Drake Bay: This town has developed an eco-tourism area. It offers a variety of accommodations, tour operators specialized in hiking guides. One of the most common activities (from August to November and from February to March) is the whales and dolphins watching tour. Tour operators offer this tour around Cano Island or near the coast line. Bahia Drake has one of the longest mangroves of Central America. Sierpe’s mangrove is special to observe reptiles.

    - Nauyaca waterfall: It is considered one of the best waterfalls in Costa Rica , Nauyaca has two waterfalls , which ends forming a natural pool. Here the visitor can swim. If you want to visit Nauyaca there are two ways: one it is to book a horseback riding tour or walk 6 kilomentros. It is not necessary to have excellent physical condition.

    -Diamante Waterfall: It is located in a tropical paradise. It is home of the howler monkey, a variety of exotic birds and lots of wildlife. Here you will find amazing waterfalls and one of the most spectacular rainforests in the country.

    To explore this beautiful property is a great
    adventure. Walk into this rainforest. is a really challenge for the adventurous. Hidden in the mountains there are 10spectacular waterfalls, including the highest waterfall in Costa Rica with approximately 183m. As your each the top you can hike to the other waterfalls, with areas to swim and jump off cliffs or a list of more activities.

    -Ojochal village: Ojochal town in the South Pacific. It is well known as the gastronomic site. Ojochal offers from Indonesian to Mediterranean cuisine. This town has beautiful mountains, the Térraba river, Tourtuga beach, Drake bay and beautiful Garza Island. If you visit the area we recommend traveling by car because the bus service is limited. And don’t forget to book in advance.