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    • 10 May 14

    Migratory birds World Day

    Take advantage of the weekend to do a birdwatching tour for the Migratory birds World Day.

    Stay at hotel Villas Rio Mar to enjoy the nature and the diverse activities offered. In our garden you can find some birds and others animals and we offer lowland or rainforest hikes to observe a big variety of birds. The Costa Rica register 875 different birds and here in Dominical surrenders you can find spottingtanagers, honeycreepers, toucans, saltators, vireos. You can also find marine birds. Such as Petrels, jaegers, gulls, and of course shore birds such as whimbrels, plovers, phalaropes, sandpipers and sanderlings, pelicans and frigatebirds. With this tour, you can observe those birds hiking in beautiful places which are mangroves, rainforest, river and beach.

    Furthermore, in Villas Rio Mar, you can do dolphin and whales tours, surf lessons, kayak, beautiful waterfalls and much more activities. Book your room and enjoy the hotel con su restaurant, swimming pool, spa, event room and tennis court.