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    • 31 Jul 13

    Family Fun Vacation

    DSC01568Visit Dominical Beach can be an unforgettable experience for families. Children are welcome in Villas Rio Mar hotel. Dominical is unique and beautiful for visit and truly enjoyable for families. Although Dominical beach is not recommended for swimming because it has strong waves, there are many families activities around.

    Dominical beach is a small town and the best way to know it is walking. Its short and dirty roads offer souvenir right in front of the beach, few restaurants or as ticos called it “sodas”. Also you will see many people with carry on their surf board by car, bicycle or even by motorcycle. Something that you cannot miss it is the adorable sunset, these are better during the dry season. It is common to see people sit down on the sand waiting for the sun goes down.

    gty_family_vacation_dm_110916_wgDominical beach is quietly town during the day where all families’ members can enjoy. Why we are good destination for families?

    -Simple, because we are located strategy spot, where your family, specially kids can enjoy our facilities and at the same time relaxed.

    - Another reason it is because we offered very completive prices, we understand perfectly traveling in a family can be very expensive. We know you and your kids deserve to have vacations, we are specialists designing packages for families.

    -We offer facilities for kids for example: swimming pool, tennis court, minigolf, plays grown, table games and our restaurant has special menu for kids.

    imagesCARTKOK8-We think in all of you. Don’t forget stop by our tour desk we’re going to recommend you tour for whole family. Children are welcome in most of the tours. Kayaking, whale watching tour, canopy, horseback riding, rafting…

    Decide where to go with family, can be a difficult decision. Find everything in only one place it is not that hard as you think here you have a choice: Villas Rio Mar hotel in Dominical: Jungle beach resort. Comfort in nature and adventure.

    Families comments in our tripadvisor

    “Relaxing oasis” Reviewed July 9, 2013 “This a beautiful place to stay with attentive and caring staff. Due to bad weather at our previous lodging we had to move our reservations up one night for 4 rooms. The staff accommodated us, met us at arrival with refreshments and made sure our needs were attended to including special diet changes for 2 on our trip. The grounds are beautiful with comfortable rooms that included relaxing, private outdoor kitchen and patio areas with each villa. We will be back to Villas Rio Mar when we return to Costa Rica”  View All here