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    • 29 Mar 14

    Earth hour

    Launched by World Wide Fund of Nature (WWF), every last Saturday of March we turn off the lights and disconnect non essential electronic devices. This last one hour to promote the electricity saving and reduce greenhouse gas emission in order to fight against global warming.


    Thus, this Saturday 29th from 8.30 to 9.30 pm, in Costa Rica some establishments such as Costa Rican Electric Institute, National Stadium, Melico Salazar Popular Theatre or Central Bank Museum turn off their lights.


    Villas Rio Mar gives you some tips for you to save energy doing simple acts such as:


    • Use as possible natural light, open curtains and put skylight.
    • Turn off the light while leaving a room.
    • Turn off the air conditioner and fan when you are not in the room.
    • If you need air conditioner, graduate the thermostat on a bearable temperature, use white and light clothes which enable to reflect with efficiency the solar radiation. Each additional degree represents 7% more of energetic consumption.
    • Turn off and unplug your electronic devices when you are not using its: a device in save mode can represent until 70% of daily consumption.
    • Reuse the rags, towels and sheets to reduce the quantity of electricity, water and detergents used to wash and dry.
    • Take shorter showers with less hot water.


    In Villas Rio Mar we are committed in environment and nature protection. The climate change is everybody’s concerns, and with small acts we can achieve big things.

    Thus, do small efforts to save energy and participate in the Earth hour.