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    • 01 Apr 14

    Boruca Group

    Last week was the Las Esferas Festival, where the Boruca group did a representation.

    The Boruca are an indigenous tribe which counts almost 2,000 people and lives in an area considered as indigenous reserve in South Pacific, between Talamanca mountains. This tribe has the right of selg-government.

    Boruca can be identified with their amazing wooden masks home-made.

    Boruca legends, which succeed to stay alive through centuries by oral transmission, and the faith they have in ancient’s wisdom are the basis of Boruca culture. The respect in stories narrated, the nature and the community are essential values for Boruca people.

    The Boruca are very proud of achieving the conservation of their identity despite the Spanish colonization and foreign influences. To celebrate the resistance, there is a festival from 30th of December to 2nd of January which represents the Spanish persecution by Boruca people. The main characteristics of this tribe are the traditional devil masks, devil dances, little devil game and traditional handicraft with masks, drums and clothes.