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  • Earth World Day

    In this Earth World Day, the hotel Villas Rio Mar gives you some tips to take care of our planet. The protection of the environment goes by saving water and energy, but also by the reduction of rubbishes.  This is why the sorting of wastes is important and enables to reduce the impact on the environment, recycle what can be recycled, reuse what can be reused and reject the rest. As said the ..


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  • Easter week

    For the Catholics, Easter Week is the more important week. Easter week commemorates Jesus’ resurrection. Easter Week begins the Palm Sunday and ends the Resurrection Sunday, which correspond this year to Sunday 13th and Sunday 20th. The more important days, which are also holidays, are Easter Thursday Eucharist day and Easter Friday Jesus Crucifixion day. To celebrate Easter Week, numerous ..


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  • Civic Fiestas

    Participate to the civic fiestas in Bahia Ballena from 11th  to 12th of April! This familial event enable to everybody to find activities for its age. During those days, the music is very present with parades, dances, concerts and karaoke. Kids can enjoy bullfight, piñatas, face painters, kite and more surprises. Practice some sports with the ribbon race or the Beach football and enjo..


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  • World Health Day

    The World Health Day is celebrated every 7th of April and commemorates the World Health Organization foundation. To keep a good health, we give you some tips: Have a healthy alimentation: 10 fruits and vegetables portions is the ideal for a healthy diet. Eating enough fruits and vegetables bring antioxidants and the fiber needed to reduce cardiac diseases and keep an adequate weight. It is also i..


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  • Corcovado Foudation Training talk

    Yesterday Villas Rio Mar assisted to a Training Talk by Foundation Corcovado in Dominical school. The topic was about marine life and the tourism’s impact. It demonstrates the importance of marine life, from the biggest animal to the smallest, and also the rarest. So are concerned seaweeds, corals, whales, fishes, squids, rays and more which are all connected. The sea is also important beca..


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  • Boruca Group

    Last week was the Las Esferas Festival, where the Boruca group did a representation. The Boruca are an indigenous tribe which counts almost 2,000 people and lives in an area considered as indigenous reserve in South Pacific, between Talamanca mountains. This tribe has the right of selg-government. Boruca can be identified with their amazing wooden masks home-made. Boruca legends, which succeed ..


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